Why Choose Us

Do you already have a B-BBEE Consultant?  Are you genuinely happy with the services they provide?  Do you really feel that they go the extra mile for you?  Do they really understand your business so that they can work with you to:

  • identify opportunities to improve your rating?
  • achieve your business goals?
  • give you more time to run the business?

We do. We make it our business to know your business.

As well as assisting you with your verification engagement, we also do so much more than that. As a client of MD Accountants & Auditors Inc., you can count on us to use our extensive business advisory and B-BBEE experience to monitor your business and give you proactive advice that will impact on your rating and ultimately on your bottom line.

You can also expect a personal, partner led service that is tailored to your needs, not ours. We offer a wide range of specialist services and we will discuss with you all the options that might be right for you and your business.

We also have the following Value Offerings:

  • B-BBEE Awareness and Training
  • B-BBEE Assessments and Scenario Developments to determine what you need to do to comply or better your score. We develop various scenarios and strategies to determine the best empowerment roadmap for successful transformation.
  • Professional advisory service on B-BBEE and technical support through the implementation of B-BBEE plans.
  • Provision of comprehensive empowerment analyses that not only address the overall empowerment status of the organisation, but also focus on where your risks and opportunities lie.
  • Free reminder service of what you need to complete beforeyour financial year end to maximise your BEE rating
  • Regular newsletter and blog updates of what you need to know to ensure that B-BBEE works for your business
  • Free updates on new developments and trends that provide you with planning opportunities for your business
  • Free assistance with leveraging your B-BBEE status as a competitive advantagein the market.
  • Access to our Supplier database to save you time collating your supplier scorecard.
  • Telephonic support and guidance from our specialists for all your B-BBEE queries
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